“Absolute freedom.”

“We are so very pleased with our solar system. No more generator needed, nor more monitoring of our usage. Absolute freedom. Thank you so much Dave and Kie.”
– Peter and Trudy H. 

“A total professional job.”

“We finally had our 100 foot ‘leaning tower of pine’ that hovered over our cottage cut down by the Marrones (Sawdust and Sunshine), and it was an incredible job!  We are totally in awe at how good they are at what they do!  All was completed without any damage.  A total professional job.”    
– M & E Rancourt

“We highly recommend their services.”

“We are delighted to have reliable power at our off grid cottage in La Cloche. The full service business Sawdust and Sunshine installed our system. The installation of our system was done efficiently and they were delightful crew to have on our island. They expertly selected and removed trees for maximum solar panel exposure, they installed roof top solar panels and milled our trees into lumber, that we have since used for building projects. Sawdust and Sunshine have been helpful and available for technical support since our installation in 2020. We highly recommend their services.” – Kerry Butler

“A truly first class guy and operation.”

“Dave’s expertise span it all – solar system design and install, tree felling, milling and ongoing remote support. A truly first class guy and operation.” – Jason Flowerday