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Sawdust: Offering tree pruning, assessment and removal services throughout Espanola, Algoma and Manitoulin Island.

Sunshine: Offering design, supply & installation of off-grid and grid-tied green energy solutions.

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PSA: Tilt those panels skyward!

If you’ve racked your panels on a tilt-able pole mount, then don’t forget to point them skyward to take advantage of the higher spring and summer sun!

Looking to add clean, reliable electricity to your off-grid home or camp? Don’t hesitate to reach out for your free quote!

Spring Cleaning Time is Here!

Spring is a great time to walk your property before the leaves come out in the trees, and assess for any winter damage.

Give us a call or text at 705-586-1226 or email: for a free quote!

The View from the Top!

This one was a little different! This big pine tree was partially uprooted and being held up by adjacent trees. We added additional bracing before starting to climb. By the time we reached the top the tree was nearly horizontal!

If you have any unusual or hazardous trees you need taken down safely and efficiently, give us a call!

Back from the High Arctic!

June 15th, 2022: We’ve just wrapped up an incredible working trip in the high arctic at 75 degrees north latitude, and are happy to once again be back in the land of maples, oaks, poplar, birch and towering pines! It was an amazing time up north, but we’re excited to be able to serve your tree care and green energy needs once again this summer and fall!